Why Renting Cosmetic Lasers is a Smart Decision

Renting laser equipment is the perfect way to offer cosmetic treatments and add revenue without the out of pocket cost or risk of laser ownership. Even if you own one laser hair removal system, why not give your patients, laser skin tightening, fractional resurfacing, vein removal and toenail fungus without you having to purchase additional equipment.

There are new models of lasers coming to market regularly but which ones are effective, give consistent results and are safe for your type of patient. Let SBLR Inc. do the research. Here are a few more advantages of renting rather than purchasing this equipment:

risk free

No Financial Risk with Renting Lasers

There is no need to spend tens of thousands of dollars or be locked into a long-term lease just to offer your clients laser procedures. Laser equipment could quickly become outdated, take up precious space in your office and the patient request may dwindle over time. Renting lasers gives you the freedom to use equipment when needed, stay up with technology and give clients all procedures they are interested in without the capitol outlay.

Training & Service with Cosmetic Laser Rental

Most offices are unsuccessful when offering laser services because they are not trained correctly on not only using the equipment, but on marketing and communicating the procedures to potential patients. We understand that if you are successful then we are and will provide you with full training on all facets of the laser business. We will also be available anytime for questions.

State of the Art Technology

Renting our devices means that you’re getting the most up to date product on the market. We keep up with the popular demand but most importantly is that the equipment is effective and safe.

Laser Rental Service

No Maintenance Costs while Renting Cosmetic Lasers

When renting laser equipment with SBLR Inc., the need for maintenance, repairs and keeping the equipment in proper working order is no longer your responsibility.