Benefits of Renting:

Why Rent Your Laser From SBLR?

Many clients want to offer laser treatments to their patients but they struggle with the decision of buying vs renting.  We are here to educate you and to shed a little light on that question. No matter what your final decision is, give us a call to compare your options.

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* No investment or laser to purchase.
* No long term contract. Rent a laser when you have patients.
* No laser service contracts to pay. We maintain and service the equipment.
* Your laser won’t become obsolete.
* Proven marketing support from our existing medspa
* Don’t risk loosing your plastic surgery patient because you don’t offer laser treatments.
* Training of all staff.
* All supplies provided.
* Grow your business with our help.


* You don’t have a laser available for the random walk-in patient.

Remember, the only way we succeed is if you do also. Once the laser manufacturer sells you a piece of equipment don’t expect the sales representative to stop by and help you with marketing. We have extensive experience with website SEO, online marketing, social media, and many other forms of advertising and are ready to share our knowledge.