What is Refirme Skin Tightening Laser Rental

ReFirme Skin Tightening Laser uses a combination of radio-frequency and infrared light to deeply heat the dermis of the skin.  The skins response to this is increased collagen production, decreased laxity and a reduction in wrinkles over time.

The Refirme laser is FDA cleared for wrinkle reduction and loose skin treatments. It is also non-invasive and non-surgical and results can be even seen after a single treatment.  Your patients can comfortably achieve a more youthful, toned and lifted appearance without any downtime. This laser is also safe to use on all skin types and skin colors. If you do not want to go through surgery and are concerned with wrinkled and/or sagging skin, ReFirme Laser is the non-surgical way to fight gravity and tighten skin!

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How Does the Treatment Feel?

The ReFirme laser uses Bi-Polar Radio Frequency and Infrared Light, called Elos technology, which heats up the connective tissue within the treated target area. This deep dermal heating will only cause negligible discomfort, most feel a slight pinching or superficial rubber band snap. No numbing cream is required and the settings can always be adjusted to get the maximum efficacy with minimal pain.

What can Your Patients Expect from a Refirme Treatment?

Most patients see gradual results throughout the ReFirme treatment regime while others see immediate change. Expect to require three to five treatments but as seen in the pictures below a single treatment can show dramatic change. The entire treatment procedure takes around 45 minutes and your patients can go back to work immediately after.


ReFirme is a must add on anti-aging solution for those patients with loose, sagging and wrinkled skin. Mild and moderate wrinkles will be resolved, they will get a noticeable lifting on saggy skin, and the texture on your patients skin will also become smoother, toned and more elastic. If your patients are looking to fight the signs of aging, I would recommend you try the ReFirme!

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