Fractional Laser Rental to Treat Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can be caused by numerous factors including pregnancy, weight gain, hormonal changes, genetics and general growth. Stretch marks are predominately reported by women with 70% of them developing stretch marks at some point in their lives. This being a common problem among women, many search for solutions and fall short. This is where the fractional laser can help.

 What is the Sellas 1550 Laser?

The Sellas 1550 fractional laser uses a specific wavelength of light to create microscopic injury to the skin. The laser goes into the deeper layers of the dermis to increase collagen production and improve the appearance of stretch marks, sun damage, signs of aging, and acne scarring. With minimal downtime, discomfort and great results any of your patients struggling with stretch marks should try this treatment.

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A Stretch Marks Story:

Over the years I’ve tried every topical treatment possible for stretch marks with no visible improvement. I decided to try something different and after two sessions with the fractional laser I am already seeing a huge change in the color and texture of my stretch marks. Some completely disappeared after the first treatment.

What Your Patients Can Expect from the Stretch Mark Laser?

Numbing cream is applied 45 minutes prior to the treatment and will reduce any pain or discomfort to a non-issue. The treatment itself is a sensation of slight pricking and heat to the specific area the laser is targeting. If this sensation is a concern for your patient, using an air cooler will decrease the heat. Afterwards the area treated remains slightly heated but cools down after an hour or so. All patients can continue their day immediately with no pain or discomfort.

A few days after the treatment the area may become sensitive and dry, which can be avoided by using a recommended moisturizer. If they don’t moisturize enough in the weeks after your procedure they may find their skin slightly itchy and dry. Reduced sun exposure is necessary but patient follow-up is very limited.

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Sellas Fractional Laser is safe on all skin types and most clients require 2 – 3 treatments to see a substantial change.  Most patients do not require pretreatment with antibiotic or antiviral and will not have to occlude the area with Aquaphor, reducing the need for follow-up.  During the training process we will go over the pre and post protocol with you in detail.

Contact SBLR Inc. and let us educate you on how to offer these effective procedures at your practice.