Skin Tightening

Finally – an easy, non-surgical way to fight gravity and tighten skin. Laser skin tightening is quick, offers no downtime and has minimal discomfort!

This latest skin tightening laser, ReFirme, uses a combination of technology seen in Thermage (radio-frequency) and Titan (infrared light). The laser gradually heats the dermis to create a thermal response, stimulating long term collagen production, reducing wrinkles and sagging skin. Tighter, firmer skin is seen within minutes of the treatment.

Syneron Refirme Laser Skin Tightening Rental


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Benefits of Laser Skin Tightening

  • Tighten loose skin
  • Increase collagen production
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Decrease neck laxity
  • Safe on any skin color

Laser Skin Tightening FAQs

How does ReFirme laser skin tightening with Elos work?
The combined Bi-Polar Radio Frequency and Infrared light of Elos technology precisely heat the connective tissue within the targeted treatment area. Laser skin tightening stimulates collagen production and produces a firming effect in loose skin. Mild to moderate wrinkles are resolved and skin texture becomes smoother and more elastic.

Is ReFirme laser skin tightening with Elos right for your clients?
If patients are looking to reduce skin laxity and improve the texture of their skin, this treatment will help with both concerns. Refirme skin tightening laser is also a safe and effective skin tightening procedure for all skin types.

When can results be seen from this laser skin tightening treatment?
Most people notice improvement immediately. Over the course of 3 to 5 laser skin tightening treatment sessions, wrinkles will become much less visible and skin will become smoother, tighter, and more elastic. The total number of required sessions needed varies depending on the skin condition.

Does laser skin tightening hurt?
Individual experience varies, but most people only feel a slight sensation like tiny pinpricks or rubber band snaps. The Refirme laser skin tightening system can be adjusted and has a contact cooling tip to reduce any uncomfortable feeling.

Treatment with Refirme is easy. There is no surgery, no sedation, and no downtime. And most procedures take 45 minutes or less.

How much can we charge for a laser skin tightening procedure?
Laser skin tightening treatment cost varies depending on the requested area. Expect to charge somewhere between $900 to $1200 for full face and next.We will work on a fee schedule that makes sense for the city your office is located in.