Rent Cutera Cosmetic Laser Genesis for Rosacea and more

Skin Problems Your Patients May Have

Does their skin feel rough and look dull?

Do they have large pores, uneven texture or acne scars?

Do they have redness and/or rosacea?

Would like to be able to treat those fine lines so they are less noticeable?

They need to do something for their skin to get that radiant glow back but you are not sure what?

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Solution, Laser Genesis Rental

I recommend Laser Genesis! Laser Genesis is a relaxing skin rejuvenating procedure that gently warms the dermis targeting the skins imperfections. This relaxing procedure is highly effective while being non-ablative and non-invasive. Yes, no down time to deal with after they have this treatment. Win, win situation.

How Laser Genesis works

The laser Genesis hand piece is moved over the skin surface heating the upper dermis. The lasers specific wavelength of light stimulates and increases new collagen production that helps reduce fine lines and uneven texture. It encourages the breakdown of dark pigmentation below the skin surface leaving you a more even skin tone. Laser Genesis is also attracted to the redness in the skin, reducing scars, rosacea, tiny veins and acne scars. The patient will feel a gentle warming sensation on their skin while below laser Genesis is targeting all those “skin problems”. I really love this laser treatment as it works on so many skin conditions at the same time, all in one so to speak.

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Who Can do Laser Genesis?

Laser Genesis is so safe it can be used on any aged client and on all skin types. Its recommended to do a series of 4 laser treatments at monthly intervals with maintenance procedures every 6 months to keep that collagen stimulated.

If your looking to offer your patients a no downtime treatment that reduces wrinkles, pigmentation, redness, acne scars and pore size and feels like a day at the beach – TRY RENTING THE LASER GENESIS!