Rent Cosmetic Laser to Treat Veins

Who Wants Beautiful Vein Free Summer Legs? Everyone!

Patients really notice their leg veins in spring and summer, but the best time to treat them is in fall and winter when they have lost their tan and have limited exposure to the sun. That is why you should start now and your clients can even have their legs looking great for that warm winter holiday vacation.

Patients always notice the larger leg veins that are easily treated with injections. But with laser we also have the ability to treat those smaller, sometimes called spider or telangiectasia’s, vessels that pop up here and there on a persons body and face. I do a check on myself and get the vein treatment 1-2 times a year, as I have a tendency to get the small spider veins on my legs. You also can treat small capillaries around the nose, rosacea on the cheeks, or vessels that cause dark circles around your eyes.

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Varicose Veins?

The bulgy varicose veins, that cause a patient pain, are not suited for this type of laser technology. They should probably be treated by stripping or internal laser by a vascular specialist and are most likely covered by insurance.

What will your patients experience during Vein treatment?

What I like about this treatment is that it is fast and easy, with minimal discomfort. It feels like a pinprick but clients are very sensitive an anesthetic cream can be applied to numb the area. The laser we rent, the CoolGlide Excel, combines contact cooling delivery tip for comfort and safety and an Nd Yag laser for optimal results. Trust me, at 5 degrees Celsius, that cooling tip is usually enough numbing for most patients.

The treatment takes around 15-30 minutes, so it is super easy for patients to  come in on their lunch break. The small amount of facial redness they may experience after having a treatment, can immediately be covered with makeup so they can carry on with their day.

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How Many Vein Treatments do Patients Need?

Well, it all depends on the vessels and area being treated. Typically, leg veins require 2-3 treatments about 4 weeks apart for the best results. The small vessels around the nose usually need just 1 treatment and the results can be seen immediately. How great is that for satisfying patients?

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So if you have clients with unwanted veins on virtually any area of their body, facial redness or dark circles under their eyes you know what laser to rent to treat those conditions. Contact SBLR Inc. and let us educate you on how to offer these effective procedures at your practice.