Photofacial Cosmetic Laser Rental Shown to Improve Patients Damaged Skin

Skin damage can be attributed to an over-exposure to the sun’s rays, an increase in air pollutants, a personal diet consisting of junk foods and or the normal aging process. The need to combat these problems is on everyone of your patients minds. With the number of commercials touting the effectiveness of their products, how does a potential patient know which procedure is the most effective when there are so many choices available on the market today?

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What Doctors are saying about Photofacial Laser Rental

Dr. Rubaum, Director of the Laser Image Company, states “to control and reverse the damaged skin areas, the best results are derived from utilizing a combination of photofacial laser treatments, a skin lightening cream and the daily use of a good sunscreen. There are many active ingredients on the market which help lighten the skin; Retin A, Arbutin, Kojic Acid and Hydroquinone, are most commonly used. Over the counter products have lower percentages of these ingredients thus making them less effective. Our patients are provided with a high grade medical lightening cream sold only at a physician’s office or medspa. Renting this laser is a cost effective solution to give patients what they desire”

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Photofacial Laser treatments have been available for more than a decade and the advancement in laser technology has made the systems and procedures less costly with more highly successful results. In addition, the increased competition and accessibility to doctor’s offices and medical spas offering these procedures have made the treatments more affordable for patients, thus increasing the treatment base.

Importance of a Photofacial Treatment Plan

At SBLR we will help your staff create a specific treatment regimen designed for each patient based on their skin type, skin condition and objectives to be attained. The monthly photofacial laser treatment targets sun damaged skin and brown spots and stimulates collagen in these affected areas. The treatment feels like a light rubber band snap and within 24 hours of the procedure, patients will see the spots on their face become a darker brown. This is sometimes referred to as a peppering effect.

These dark spots will ultimately flake off within ten days to two weeks leaving the skin with a brighter, more radiant and resilient look. The daily use of the lightening cream may leave the skin a little dry which can easily be relieved with a basic moisturizer. Sunscreen is very important in enhancing the process and, if needed, additional treatments can always be scheduled for your patients.

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In conclusion, renting a Photofacial Laser to treat your patients, adding an effective lightening cream and a good sunscreen (SPF 30) will increase their results and keep the damaged pigmentation from returning. This all results in happy patients.

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