Who is the Ideal Patient for Exilis Body Contouring?

An ideal patient is someone who is 5-10 pounds of their ideal body weight, but has fat pockets they would like to spot reduce. For the majority of patients, Exilis is ideal to treat “muffin-top” or the “bra- fat” on the back. Also many people just have a small ridge of fat say above their knee or on the inner thighs that they don’t like. If they don’t look as good as they used to in their jeans then Exilis is a perfect treatment for them.

Important Facts of Exilis

The most important thing is a client who is committed to the treatment protocol that would be explained during the consultation. The patient must be consistent with treatments, exercise and follow a simple diet. Managing expectations is also important and the ideal candidate is someone who understands the limitations of non-invasive technology. This procedure is not for clients that are very over weight, unless they just want to remove small pockets of fat. Exilis is for those stubborn areas of fat that we cannot get rid of no matter how hard they try.

Exilis-back-fat-los-angeles laser rental

For the face, the ideal candidate is someone that has jowls that are starting to sag and heaviness in the neck area. Exilis can melt the fat in the area and simultaneously tighten the skin. It is also ideal for patients who just want a bit of lift and elevation.

So in short I would say if you have clients that do not want to have invasive surgery but  have a bit of extra skin or mild to moderate extra fat than Exilis may be the treatment for them.

Exilis-Los Angeles skin-tightening Laser Rental

Who is NOT an Ideal Candidate for Exilis?

The least ideal candidate would be the patient that is 100 pounds over weight or that are morbidly obese. If the person has a lot of excess skin or needs surgery to remove the weight and the extra skin this is not the right procedure for them.

Patients with metal hips, catheters or pacemakers under no circumstances can do the Exilis treatment. Due to the radio frequency energy being utilized in the procedure, patient must inform treatment provider of anything metal in their body. Depending on the location of the metal the treatment may or may not be performed. Also if you have thyroid issues, are pregnant and breastfeeding Exilis would not be a good fit for you.

Patients who expect dramatic results such as those from surgery are also not advised to undergo the Exilis.


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