IPL Laser Rental to Remove Patients Sun Damage

Although Photofacial Laser Treatments have been available for more than a decade, enhanced technology advancements have improved results and made the treatment more reliable and safer. As a prospective patient, we will explain the Photofacial Laser technology process, how it works and what can be expected from the treatments.

How does IPL PhotoFacial Work

The Photofacial Laser targets sun damaged skin, brown spots and stimulates collagen to help reduce the fine age lines as we grow older. A Photofacial Laser hand piece is used to concentrate an intense pulse of light to the damaged skin area which, in turn, stimulates increased blood flow and generates additional collagen to the affected area. The Photofacial process will cause the damaged skin to eventually flake off leaving improved skin results.

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Dr. Rubaum, Director of the Laser Image Company, has been using the Cutera Limelight Photofacial Laser equipment for several years and sees this technology as the best on the market today. As head of a medical spa specializing in non-invasive cosmetic procedures, he stated “We have seen advancements and improvements in the Photofacial Laser technology which have resulted in better patient treatments, improved effectiveness and increased client satisfaction.“

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New Limelight IPL Technology for Your Office to Rent

The new technology allows the hand piece to be placed directly on the skin with little to no gel giving consistency in treatment parameters. The wavelength of light is specifically designed to target the damaged pigmentation, reducing the chance of injury to the surrounding skin. “Dr. Rubaum continued, “As a precaution, our staff test spots part of the skin to see a patient’s reaction to the treatment. This is always the first step of a smart skin plan and remedial process.” Happy patients refer friends and family.

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What Patients Can Expect After the IPL Treatment

Within 24 hours of the Photofacial Laser treatment patients will see the spots on their face become a darker brown which is normal. This sometimes is referred to as a peppering effect and reflects what the skin will actually look like. These dark spots will ultimately flake off within ten days to two weeks leaving a brighter more radiant skin. If necessary, additional treatments may be required. Combining the photofacial laser treatment with an effective home care regime and a good sunscreen (SPF 30) will increase patient results and keep the pigmentation from returning.