Cutera Hair Removal Laser Rental is Safe on all Skin Types

Hair: Shaving – Waxing – Plucking is Old School

Shaving every day, plucking the random ones and waxing weekly!   The process is endless. These routine annoyances will lead your patients to LASER HAIR REMOVAL! Happy patient states “The best decision I have made. Im beyond happy with my results and NEED to share the excitement with everyone. No more razors, no more painful waxing and no more plucking. I don’t know what to do with all this extra time hahah”

tweezer razor waxYour Patients are Saying No!

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Your patients will say some areas are more sensitive than others and the discomfort is temporary and was only during the treatment. The contact cooling head of the Cutera Coolglide laser numbs the skin to between 5-10 degrees Celsius minimizing the discomfort. “My underarms and bikini were the most sensitive, while legs was easy peasy, comparatively speaking.” You can also offer numbing cream to your overly sensitive patients.

How Many Treatments Will Patients Need?

On average people need 5-7 treatments with possible touch ups in the future. Hair grows in cycles, so you need to do multiple treatments 4-6 weeks apart to treat each cycle.

What to tell your patients for Laser Hair Removal

They will need to stop waxing and plucking a few weeks before the treatment and continue to shave throughout the process. Have them shave the area prior to their appointment and come in with clean skin. No make-up or lotions on the area you will be treating and limit sun exposure for up to 2 weeks before the treatment.

Once the treatment is completed patients can return to normal activity immediately. They should avoid direct sun exposure and protect the treated area with SPF.

How to generate Income from Laser Hair Removal Rental?

The Cutera Coolglide NdYag laser can safely treat all skin types thus increasing your target market. Also patient age range from 15 to 50 so there will always be someone who is looking for a smooth hair free body.

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What are the risks of Hair Laser Rental?

The Cutera laser system is extremely safe and effective. Training will be provided to all technicians to educate and minimize the chance of any complications. Happy patients keep new clients coming to your office and SBLR in business. Patients could experience:

  • Swelling, blistering, crusting or flaking of the treated areas, which may require a few weeks to heal
  • Bruising, burning or infection
  • Scarring – it’s a rare occurrence, but it’s possible

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